We are a construction engineering company integrating architectural design, construction, installation, property management, and labor export. It has qualifications such as general construction contracting of building construction, professional contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering, general contracting of municipal public works construction, professional contracting of steel structure engineering, mechanical and electrical installation engineering, construction of sports grounds, subcontracting of labor service operations and other qualifications.

For more than a decade, the company has been guided by the concept of “deduction of classics and casting fashion”; it is motivated by the spirit of “customer-driven and employee-employed”; and “builds every project, establishes a corporate image, and actively explores markets. Integrity serves the society “as its purpose; to establish a “lore style, industry model” as the goal of faith, assiduously, without slouch. The enterprise always takes the principle of “safety first, quality first, reputation first” for each project, and repays the society. The interpretation of the classic, founding fashion as the core, and constantly improve themselves, and carefully build the “Halloween” brand, won the praise of peers and people from all walks of life. In 2006, it was rated as “Quality, Trustworthy, Tree Brand” by the “China Quality Miles” Market Research Center.

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